10 Ways to Save Money When Moving Into A New Apartment

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Whether you’re moving across country or finally moving into a place of your own, moving into a new apartment is always a huge step — and an expensive one, too. It’s incredibly stressful for some people to move, it’s particularly hard for some people who have to also sell their house as well before they move. If this is something that you are also struggling with then it might be a good idea to check out something like Sell My House to help you sell your house quicker. Some people find moving incredibly stressful particularly as between security, utilities and furnishing your new place, you’re looking at spending a large chunk of change. Luckily, there are simple budgeting techniques and tweaks you can make to reduce the price of moving out. Read on to learn how to save money when moving into your next apartment.

1. Don’t Rent the Most Expensive Place

Just because you want an apartment with granite countertops, new appliances and a walk-in-closet, it doesn’t mean you can afford it. Instead, go for a less expensive apartment that may not have it all, but is within your means. It might be worthwhile to then take a look at something like these Atlanta MidTown Furnished Executive Rentals to give you a better idea of what you could afford.

2. Make an Apartment Budget

After you’ve signed your lease, it’s time to start thinking about furnishing your apartment. However, before you go on an Ikea shopping spree, write a list of every furnishing you think you will need (not want) and make a strict budget to keep from over-spending. You might find that you have an issue with your electrics when you move in so you need to make sure that you can afford it. There are loads of electricians out there that you could use (for example, you could visit my web site here, to see an electrician in Perth if you wanted, but it’s up to you).

3. Shop Around for Furniture

Before you buy a couch or dining room set at full-price, try to find a cheaper option. Go to local yard sales, thrift shops and flea markets to buy second-hand furniture at a fraction of the cost.

4. Repurpose Items You Already Have

While you may not have too many things for your apartment just yet, taking anything you have with you to your new place will help you save money.

5. Avoid Decorative Splurges

If you’re on a strict budget, avoid shopping for decorations at all costs. Buying just one scented candle or decorative dish towel can become a gateway to filling your shopping cart with napkin ring holders, table runners and every other useless, decorative item in between.

6. Only Buy Kitchen Appliances You Need

While a waffle maker may seem useful at the time, in reality it’s only going to waste money. Instead, only buy kitchen appliances with multiple functions that you will use regularly.

7. Do Everything Yourself

When making the apartment your own, avoid paying for services like painting or interior design and instead, opt for DIY options. The same goes for decorative items, that you can craft yourself and even take with you to your next place.

8. Waste as Little Money as Possible on Utilities

Paying for utilities can feel a lot like literally burning your money. Make this financial burden a little lighter by only paying for necessary utilities and be as conscious as possible about turning the heat down and the lights off.

9. Invest in Cost-Effective Updates that Will Have a High ROI on Your Utilities

To avoid a high heating bill, spend a little extra money to insulate your apartment. By insulating strips for drafty windows and doors to reduce your monthly bill.

10. Budget Your Monthly Living Expenses

Be sure to add all incidental fees into your moving budget. Starting service with utilities often requires a deposit and this can add up quickly.

While moving out is certainly cause for celebration, there’s no need to max out your credit cards for it. After all, you’ll likely have plenty of other new apartments to decorate and furnish in the future. So instead of making classic renter money wasting mistakes, use your resources and budget to spend less.

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