5 Reasons I Will Attend The 2014 KWS Technology & Innovation Week

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The “Technology and Innovation Week” is an annual conference held in Montreal, that is devoted to innovation and tech solidarity. With the objective of communicating the positive impact of technology in the world, the NGO KWS (the conference organizer) has scheduled a series of activities to showcase innovative solutions offered in the areas of activism, development, fundraising, healthcare and even the food industry. I myself will be moderating a panel on the impact of crypto-currencies in non-profit campaigns. So here are 5 simple reasons you should not miss this event:

1. It’s affordable

By buying a ticket, which is essentially a pass, you get access to all the conferences from September 29th to October 3rd. NGOs, students, academics and social entrepreneurs get more than 50% off the regular price. There is no event in the area that provides such a great value.

2. I will actually learn something

Design thinking, hackathons, the Fab Lab movement, Bitcoin, digital analytics, e-health, are all trending topics that will be discussed by experts during this week. You will thus get access to people you may have never met, and who will change the way you do business and run projects.

3. The KWS Forum is back

The flagship event of this year’s Technology & Innovation Week, the KWS Forum, will occur on October 3rd, at USINE C. It is a whole-day event that will take place from 8am to 6pm, and will unite some of the best international speakers in their domain. Here are some presentations you do not want to miss:

  • Saving the world with bitcoin: How crypto currencies are transforming non-profit campaigns
  • Lessons learnt at Obama’s re-election: Big Data for social Innovations
  • Technology and sustainable development: the challenges of a “green” startup
  • Technology as a tool for citizen engagement and social responsibility in public projects
  • Crowdfunding as a tool to alleviate poverty and create opportunities
  • Technology for the preservation of human rights
  • Growth Hacking for Traditional Marketers
  • Online Privacy
  • The Future of Food

4. I will make new friends

The demographic going to this event will be composed of highly interactive and passionate entrepreneurs, professionals and social innovators. So regardless of your field of practice, you will most definitely meet people to connect with. Actually, my best friendships and partnerships came from attending last year’s edition.

5. I just love innovative thinking

I’m a financial blogger, and I’m passionate about my stuff. I’m part of the Millenial generation, dying to see some change in the social, political and economic landscape. So I love surrounding myself with people who think the same way in their own field. And if you’re reading this, chances are we’re the same. So join me at the 2014 Technology & Innovation Week and let’s start changing the world we live in!

Are you interested in going? buy your ticket by clicking on the icon below. You can email me at info@bobbyfinance.com if you have questions. I will be glad to meet you in person!


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