3 Tips For A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

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By guest writer George Meszaros

In an age of many social media choices, email marketing still remains the most effective way to reach your customers on a personal level. Studies have shown it outperforms Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks. They key is to send the right kinds of emails to current and potential customers. If your email marketing campaigns show respect for their time and their intelligence, you will see a response.

  1. Don’t overdo it: Some companies simply ignore email marketing. Others go overboard by producing high-graphic newsletters filled with articles from every department. Both of these sorts of companies are doing it wrong! Effective email marketing is not hard nor is it time consuming. Done right, email marketing can keep your company in the eyes and minds of current and past clients, prospects and referrals.  Overdone or not done at all, your business may suffer.
  1. Think of your market as if they were your friends: When you email a friend do you put together a big, picture-heavy, graphic-heavy newsletter with updates from every member of your family? (If you do, you’re about to find out why none of your friends reply to your emails.) An email to a friend is usually to-the-point, short and filled with information that particular person needs. Therefore your email marketing should be the same. Think of it as the anti-newsletter!
  1. The best way to prove this is to try it: Sit down. Right now. Put together four or five sentences of information you feel might benefit your audience.  Send it. Resist the urge to put in graphics or photos or a P.S. from the folks in the warehouse. Track the reaction and response to this test. You will likely be surprised.

This type of email marketing is not sexy, but it’s smart. Give people the information they need in a quick, clutter-free format.  They’ll read and you’ll see results.

Say Yes to:

  • Short and simple
  • No more than twice a month emails
  • Putting yourself in the recipient’s shoes, don’t make the emails about you
  • Growing your email list

Say No to:

  • Too many words – 300 words max
  • Giving up – give your email marketing strategy 6-12 months to succeed
  • Boring, spammy and/or long headlines – keep it under 50 characters

Before you get started, take some time to clean up and organize your database to make sure you are reaching the audience you intend. Make sure it is easy for people to sign up to receive your newsletters through your website and at points of sale (if applicable). Finally remember to keep it simple. Writing and sending the email should be a simple task, not something that you dread. This is your chance to really connect with your market and to maintain that connection. Take your time, follow the guidelines and you will achieve a successful email marketing campaign.

George Meszaros is a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of Success Harbor, a blog dedicated to entrepreneurship, original research, and unique content. 

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