4 Easy Ways To Make Money On Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day can be a bit overwhelming for some of us, whether we are single or not. However there are definitely ways to take advantage of this billion-dollar business. Here are some simple money-making ideas that do not require any initial investment:

  1. Throw a singles’ party: Invite all your friends, and tell them to come with at least one person of the opposite gender. Charge people a flat price to cover expenses like food, beverage and your own profit. Finally, make sure your guests are really entertained to give them a reason to come back next year.
  2. Offer special deals on your products: If you just started a small business, Valentine’s Day is a good occasion to offer some samples of your products or provide your services at a reduced price. For example, I have a friend who sells hair extensions and African jewelry. I suggested her to reach out to couples she knows and make them special deals. Visiting your clients to help them prepare for a romantic night is also a good way to sell your products.
  3. Join an affiliate program: If you have a blog or a website, you can sell other companies’ products to your existing traffic in exchange for a commission. Make sure you target all the main products people buy on Valentine’s Day, like flowers, candy or lingerie.
  4. Offer a baby-sitter service: The idea is simple. Babysit children of couples you know in exchange of some money. They could thus spend an intimate evening on Valentine’s Day, and they would feel safe leaving their kid to a trusted person.

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