5 Tips to Become a Successful Salesperson

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By guest writer Sally Smith

It can be difficult to become a successful salesperson. Despite being proposed a great product or service at an affordable price, some customers may not be willing to purchase from you. However, here are 5 tactics that you can use to overcome rejection and learn how to sell like a pro.

1. Listen to clients’ needs

Salespeople often make the mistake of talking too much, or giving non-relevant information instead of listening to what the client really needs. Make sure you always start a sales pitch by asking some questions to your customer about themselves, what they are looking for and the results they are hoping to get. For example if you are selling a car, basic information about the customer’s profession, family structure or current vehicle, will help you offer the most appropriate model.

2. Be What You Sell

Always project an image that is consistent with what you sell. For example, if you are providing funeral services, having an empathetic and caring approach when interacting with potential clients, is key. Likewise, if you are a beauty or fashion consultant, make sure to look on point every time you approach someone.

3. Lure Your Target Clients

Today people are overwhelmed with a huge amount of information. You should therefore come up with a strategy to catch your audience’s attention really fast. Customers need to know in few seconds why your product or service is better than the competition’s. For example, you may come up with original ways to demonstrate your service, offer a discount to first-time customers or distribute samples of your product. You may not close the deal the first time, but at least make sure customers remember you so they could reach out later.

4. Use Anchor Pricing Strategies

The better you understand how anchoring works, the more creative and effective pricing strategies you will be able to develop to attract customers. For example, fragmenting your price structure into different options will make your product or service appear cheaper than it actually is, and will enable you to attract different market segments.

5. Control the negotiations

There are many subtle tactics that you can use when selling a product or service. For example when you’re selling a property, the starting price you set will highly influence the outcome of negotiations, for it will represent a natural benchmark for the customer, who is unlikely to go lower than a certain level.

If you feel you haven’t being successful at closing deals, try to identify if you are lacking one of the tips provided above. Focusing on those tactics will help you close more sales and feel more confident about your abilities.

About the author: Sally Smith worked in auto sales for 4 years, before starting out in real estate by taking VIC Agents Representative online at NREL Australia. With years of experience in real estate, she’s now part of the crews at specialized training centre for career development.

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