7 Motivational Resources for Young Entrepreneurs

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By guest writer Alex Sebuliba

Swapping an employed life for that of an entrepreneur is hard at any age, but it’s particularly tricky if you’re young. Not only do you probably lack experience, but you might find it even harder for people to take you and your business venture seriously. Fortunately, there are plenty of useful tools at hand, and one thing is for sure, you can’t get very far without support.

Check out these simple and actionable motivational resources for young entrepreneurs and always have a resource to help you achieve your goals.

1. The $100 Startup

This inspiring book helps you find the courage to implement everything you’ve learned about entrepreneurship and put it into action. The $100 Startup tells stories of people who have quit their jobs and made it on their own and includes details of the struggles they overcame. The book is peppered with good advice throughout and comes with a handy list of resources so you can carry on after you’ve finished the book.

2. The Hundred Dollar Club

Born off the back of the World Domination Summit (WDS), where Chris Guillebeau, gave out $100 bills to aspiring entrepreneurs who attended his presentation, The Hundred Dollar Club (THDC) is made up of eight cool, smart young entrepreneurs. The Hundred Dollar Club book can be downloaded for free from the website. It tells the story of what happened at WDS that day and contains the inspiring journeys of each of the eight members, plus their own advice for starting a business. Don’t forget to check out the thriving Hundred Dollar Club Facebook group, a free-to-join community, headed up by business coach, and founder of THDC, Rob Young.

3. LifeTick

LifeTick is an online task management tool that caters both to individuals and businesses. It is available on your desktop or as a smartphone app. Unlike other task management apps, this app helps you set goals using the S.M.A.R.T. formula. You can customise your dashboard with handy widgets and record your progress in the journal. Get a visual idea of how far you have come, with the graphs and charts feature, where you can see your success over a longer period of time. LifeTick even lets you share your progress with friends and followers, who can celebrate your achievements.

4. Carrot

If you’re looking for a resource with a bit more personality, Carrot is your app. Unlike normal to-do lists, which might remind you of your tasks with a pleasant beep or gentle nudge notification, Carrot works a little differently. Tick off tasks on your to-do list and Carrot will reward you (one of the rewards is a pet kitten, yes, really). However, ignore tasks and you will feel the wrath of your digital friend, then Carrot changes colour and reminds you how rubbish you are. This ingenious app is witty and infuriating, but it does work. Tick more stuff off your to-do list to unlock additional levels.

5. YES Network

The YES Network is the UK’s first membership site for entrepreneurs and is open to any young person under the age of 35. Even if you haven’t started a business yet and want to explore your options, you can link into the network, make friends or even find a business partner. The YES Network hosts events around the country and has a buddy mentoring scheme to match you with a mentor, should you need one. You can also get discounts on big brand names, such as Dell. YES has been implemented in other countries around the world. Check in your area to see what’s equivalent.

6. Young Chambers

A Young Chamber is the arm which supports entrepreneurs under 40. It works by bringing together local businesses and young entrepreneurs for mentorship opportunities. Local entrepreneurial speakers present, share their stories and provide priceless advice for fledgling business owners. There are Young chambers in almost every city, and they represent a great networking opportunity. So go meet other like-minded young people and get connected. Don’t forget your business cards!

7. The Middle Finger Project

You just know that a blog called The Middle Finger Project is going to be something a little different to say the least. Any small business owner will bookmark this smart, savvy small business resource. Ash Ambirge is the brain behind the brand, and is rich of business motivational blog posts such as, ‘Is it Annoying to Buy From You’, ‘Stutter-free Sales Pitches’ and ’21 Responses for Handling (Awkward) Client Conversation with Poise’.

These resources are sure to give you a great start in the world of entrepreneurship, but just relying on these alone won’t launch you into self-employment. You need to find the courage to just jump in and work it out as you go along. There’re plenty of people out there who will help you, so just go for it, and good luck!

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