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If you are a financial blogger like myself, you have probably heard of FINCON, an increasingly popular financial bloggers’ conference. Since I started blogging, I have been dying to meet people like me for months. I first discovered FINCON in 2013 (the 3rd edition) and that year I bought a virtual pass. It was a great way to follow the presentations, without encountering the full cost of a flight ticket and hotel accommodation. Then a year later, here I was, in the wonderful city of New Orleans, physically attending sessions and meeting other bloggers.

My #FINCON14 Highlights

I checked in at the Marriot Hotel on Thursday at noon, then I went to lunch, eager to discover Louisiana’s famous cuisine. After filling myself up with gumbo, Jambalaya, BBQ shrimp and crab cake, I took a quick nap then went to register for the event. Over the following three days, I had a great experience. Here are the moments that marked me the most:

1. The future financial podcaster meet up

This was a community event organized by podcaster Jim Munchbach, who gave tips and advice to bloggers wishing to get started in podcasting. I learned A LOT at this small discussion table, where I also got the opportunity to meet Shawn Smith from Shawn took the time afterwards to set up different combinations of podcast equipments in order to show us what it takes to get started at different budget levels. I have to admit, I was impressed by the different possibilities that are given to podcasters on a budget. I also got to test different microphones, headphones and mixers for the first time. So if you are interested in podcasting, I advise to read Shawn’s e-book on 5 ways to record podcast interviews with an iPhone.

2. First timers Q&A session

FINCON founder Philip Taylor from PTMoney took the time to answer every questions first-timers had, in order to make sure we get the best out of our experience. I thought it was a great initiative, and an extra opportunity to meet fellow bloggers.

3. How to build a thriving community

This was the topic of a great discussion panel with blogging experts Mike DelgadoLuke Landes, Jeff Rose, John Roth and Jim Wang, who gave us insightful advice on how to build a strong community. As some of the most established bloggers, they talked about their experience and they share their expertise with the audience.

4. My mentoring session

This new initiative is in my opinion the best part of FINCON. The idea is that beginners are paired with a more experienced blogger who can help bring their platform to the next level. My mentor this year was Ellie Kay, a personal finance public speaker, who gave me great tips on how I could enhance my blog, and generate extra revenue from various income streams.

5. How to build a brand and become and influencer

This keynote given by Chris Ducker was a great way to inspire bloggers who want to build a successful online business. Plus, he gave away his book ‘Virtual Freedom’ to everyone for free (how awesome is that?). If you are interested in building an online business, I advise you join his bootcamp for free.

6. How to publish and promote your book

Farnoosh Torabi gave a great keynote on her journey to success. She explained the process of publishing a book and how bloggers can build more authority. There was also a discussion panel on this topic with Cait Flanders, Megan, Beverly Harzog and Todd Tresidder (who self-published an Amazon bestseller!).


Overall, I really enjoyed my time at the conference. Also, there were plenty of other sessions, community events and networking mixers that I didn’t mention in this post, but that were similarly worthy.  Next year I intend to buy a Pro pass or a camp-pass. In the meantime, I will work on building my online business with the tools I have learnt. Those tools include a very useful blog planner and the book ”How to blog for profit without selling your soul” by Ruth Soukup (another inspirational blogger I met at FINCON).

Interested in FINCON? Let’s connect!

What are your objectives as a blogger? Are building a community, creating content and monetizing your blog part of them? If yes, you should consider FINCON. By attending instructive sessions and connecting with other financial bloggers in your niche, you will get great ideas on how to invest in your brand and refine your business strategy. FINCON is also a great place to develop partnerships with brands, content providers and media professionals.

If you intend to attend FINCON next year, send me an email at so we can meet!

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