Online Shopping Behavior: Men vs Women

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By guest writer Catalin Zorzini

If you own or manage an online store you may be interested in client data in order to advance your business and target customers based on certain shopping tendencies. You most likely hear stats on certain purchasing groups every single day, but it’s not too often we stop and take a hard look at what the clear cut differences are between male and female shoppers.

This infographic was produced by Ecommerce Platforms, and it shows online store owners the strong variations in how men and women shop online.

To start, you may not have known that female shoppers are more selective and more likely to buy a product that fits all of their requirements. On the other hand, male shoppers tend to stop shopping after they find the first workable product. What does this tell you about your online strategy? Do you need more customer support channels for your female buyers? Is it possible to convince male shoppers to buy a little quicker?

All of this takes some analysis, but the idea is to view each difference as if the future of your business depends on it. Why? Because there’s a good chance that the future of your business does depend on information like this. If all of your marketing messages cater to how men shop, how does that make your female shoppers feel?

Even the simple fact that female shoppers are more responsive to marketing emails is enough to show that maybe your monthly newsletter should have more of a feminine take on the industry.

Regardless, feel free to send out this infographic to all of your coworkers, and consider printing it out to remember that your customers are not just a number.


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