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Hi, I’m Meinna Gwet, founder of Bobbyfinance.com. Bobby Finance is a financial literacy blog for young professionals and beginning entrepreneurs. I founded this blog in January 2013, and since then my experience has been a thrill! The site explains in simple terms how finance and the global economy operate and how they impact your everyday life. The aim is to empower you with the ability to understand how money works, how it’s made, how it’s managed and how it either gets in your pockets or out of it. Bobby Finance is the platform where you can get smart and simple answers to the most complex financial issues. The blog provides you with tools to make informed and effective decisions about your money, your business, your career and your role in the global economy.

Why I started blogging

Working in finance makes me realize how little students, young professionals and beginning entrepreneurs know about financial practices and economic measures that affect their everyday life.

Finance has become an extremely complex topic. I myself am learning every day. The younger generation stands no chance in the economic system if some of us do not take the time to explain what’s happening. Gone are the good old days when you would spend 30 years in a company, store your money at the bank, in the objective of gradually withdrawing your savings upon retirement. Today, new generations have to deal with depreciating currencies, a crashing purchasing power, over-indebted governments, pension plan deficits, an over-dependence on the United States’ economy, and a global interconnectivity of financial markets that makes everything collapse like a set of dominoes at the slightest malpractice.

The problem is, as long as everything seems fine, nobody pays attention to financial institutions’ speculative activities and governments’ monetary policies. It’s only when people start losing their jobs and see inflation erode their savings and their purchasing power, that we begin to ask questions and demand accountability. But unfortunately by that time, it’s way too late.

So with this blog, in order to help you build real wealth, I will share my understanding of money: where it goes, what I see, what I read, the mistakes I have made and the answers to Bobby’s main questions.

What’s new on the new design?

If you are already a follower, then you probably noticed the big redesign that occurred! Indeed, the site layout completely changed. You will probably recognize categories like WHERE’S YOUR MONEY, that discusses personal finance topics and BE YOUR OWN BOSS aimed for beginning entrepreneurs. So what’s new?

  1. The section YOUR ECONOMY: People who know me, know that I’m passionate about the global economy, and how we can rethink our financial system. So I frequently read books on the topics, I watch documentaries and I read tons of articles. My favorite activity is then to blog about what I learned and share invaluable information to my readers about the economy, in a way they can understand.
  2. The VIDEOS section: I started shooting some videos. I just released the first one here. Go take a look and tell me what you think! The objective is to be able to interact with you in a more dynamic way. This way, we will be able to communicate through webcasts, Google hangouts, and other visual tools that will allow me to help you better.
  3. The section MY LIFE: You’re right in it! People asked me to talk about myself, so that’s what I’m doing. I’m very excited (and a bit nervous!) about letting you in my secret garden, but I feel if we get to know each other better, you will have a better understanding of what I do and why I do it. There are several things you may not know about me, like the fact that I was born in Cameroon, grew up in Canada, and that it totally shaped my vision of life and existence. My cultural mix is at the root of the way I view the world, the movements of money, the distribution of wealth and the global economy in general.
  4. The section PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Throughout my professional and personal experience, I have come to develop a number of tools to help young professionals and beginning entrepreneurs like myself, improve their knowledge and performance. My line of products will mainly consist of e-books, e-courses and Master Classes. They will be released very soon. Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter to get the latest updates!

Why Bobby?

I get this question a lot! Bobby refers to the average person who watches the news without really understanding the impact of banks, policy makers and private firms on his or her future. One day Bobby wakes up and realizes jobs are rare, the grocery basket is getting more expensive yet no Facebook friend is talking about it.

Why do you need me?

Are you looking for:

  • A public speaker for your event
  • A financial coach to better manage your money or kickstart your company
  • A guest writer for your blog or magazine
  • A platform to promote your business or event

I can help.

Why should you follow Bobby Finance?

  • Because you want to make more money and build wealth
  • To plan an early and confortable retirement
  • To have a better understanding of finance and global economics
  • Because you want to start a business or you have just launched one
  • To be ready when the next financial crisis strikes (Oh trust me it will!)

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